wanted: goats

i’m looking for goats to clear some vegetation.

but i’m not looking to own them. i’m not looking to rent them.

let’s make a trade. your goats, our land and weeds. males must be castrated.

male goat, that is.


homei’m trying to include a photograph on this one.

i used the wordpress “Add media” toolbar. it uploaded it and allows you to enter a caption and description. to add a border, i highlighted the “Add image” button (has a little tree in it, ironically) and then added a 10 point border.

i figured out finally how to make a thumbnail. i have to resize it within Photoshop. works best with horizontal photos.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Alberobello

Trulli rooftops (April 2008, Puglia, Italy)Today, we traveled by van through Puglia to see the countryside, stopping in Alberobello.

Albertobello has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, where homes known as trulli line cobblestone streets. Trulli are found only in the Puglia region of Italy.

Trulli homes have conical rooftops, made of stacked stones without the use of mortar.

Day 7: Hanging Out at the Hagia Sophia

Tulips: Although Holland has much better marketing, tulips are actually from Turkey. They were brought from central Asia, and exported to Holland starting in the late 16th century. Today, they fill the medians of Istanbul and are on the national symbols. Continue reading