One man’s Barbie

Jeff\'s Kubota tractorThis is our new toy: a Kubota B2320 compact utility tractor.

Jeff picked up a box scraper along with a mower attachment. It’s perfect for driving through gates and climbing our varied terrain.

I’m hoping we can get a chipper attachment to deal with a lot of the brush and trees we’re clearing. It’s a long time from burn season here, so I’d feel better if we got rid of as much fuel as possible.

Jeff thinks I’m going to drive this around but I’m not so sure about that. It’s an expensive Barbie.

wanted: goats

i’m looking for goats to clear some vegetation.

but i’m not looking to own them. i’m not looking to rent them.

let’s make a trade. your goats, our land and weeds. males must be castrated.

male goat, that is.


homei’m trying to include a photograph on this one.

i used the wordpress “Add media” toolbar. it uploaded it and allows you to enter a caption and description. to add a border, i highlighted the “Add image” button (has a little tree in it, ironically) and then added a 10 point border.

i figured out finally how to make a thumbnail. i have to resize it within Photoshop. works best with horizontal photos.